About us

Mental health and well-being are an integral part of our overall health. Most people tend to ignore this fact, and suffer from disorders such as depression, loneliness, marital/ relationship strife, peer performance pressure, bullying, racial / regional discrimination, work stress, anxiety, etc. There are people who might be going through a lot of stress, and are not able to maintain a work life balance.

At Sharda University students and faculties are from across the globe, thus Psychological Counselling can support a multicultural, collaborative, and diverse campus community by helping them understand, appreciate and accept the cultural and linguistic diversity. The aim is to combat issues that youth and adults of today face due to natural and man-made situation, through psychological counselling cell.

The Cell is assisted by a team of qualified and experienced psychological counsellors and clinical psychologists to provide a diverse range of customized solutions to help students, professionals and others to treat their mental health issues. The cell adhere to the strictest of ethical and professional standards with regards to privacy, confidentiality and competence.

The Psychological Counselling Cell team includes Chief Psychological Counsellor, Counsellors, and Student Counselors/Coordinators. This cell is offering services to all age groups. We ensure that every person including student, faculty, and staff should avail our services. We will do our best to provide effective emotional and psychological support. The services of this cell offer individual counselling, group counselling, workshops, supportive resources (referrals based on the psychiatric need), and advice for staff related to behavioural aspects.



Our vision is to have a centre which becomes distinguished space where one starts a journey from fixed to growth mindsets, negative to positive thoughts, and avoidance to resilience. This cell is dedicated to spread awareness related to mental health among students, faculty, and staff. It will help them to maintain their overall wellbeing and quality of life.


Our Mission is to provide help in dealing with behavioral and emotional challenges like anxiety, depression, stress, guilt, grief, lack of confidence, low self-esteem to name a few. We will continuously work to foster life skills and provide support to students, faculty and staff to enhance their overall personal/professional development, growth mindsets, mental health, quality of life, and wellbeing.


  • Vice Chancellor
  • Chief Psychological Counsellor
  • Psychological Counsellor
  • Student Coordinator / Counsellor